At present RIB members account for over 20% of the total turnover of the recruitment industry and represent a broad cross section of the market with members ranging from Global Plc’s to specialist boutique agencies.

Can you afford not to be member?

RIB membership just £49 per month

If you want your recruitment business to be able to identify ongoing opportunities for real business improvement while adding value to its bottom line, then becoming a member of the RIB Index is a must.


Once your membership has been confirmed, you simply input your operational information via the secure RIB website by the due date each month. This information is then processed into bespoke reports which are available to members within a matter of days. The process is completely confidential and is quick and easy to use.



  • Essentials Membership




  • Full Index Membership



See how each membership level compares by viewing the information requested and the answers returned by the RIB Ind

The Benefits

  • Identifies your business strengths and weaknesses – based on what is happening in the marketplace now!

  • Enables management to focus on these key areas – improving income, profitability and shareholder value

  • Informed strategic decisions can be rapidly implemented – enabling you to drive improved business performance ahead of the competition

  • Helps creates a culture of continuous improvement and stimulates process efficiency – streamlining the business and removing costs

  • Membership makes a powerful statement – both internally and externally – that your company is serious about optimising its performance and ongoing development

  • Provides a vital external measure of business performance and value – a crucial strategic benefit

  • There are no complicated tie-ins with either membership. We simply ask that you provide just three-month’s notice should you wish to leave.

Our Members
The 150 companies/brands that are Members provide a potential RIB Index sample size of 208 inputs per month. However membership is growing rapidly, so if your company isn’t a member it’s likely that your competitors are!
It′s no coincidence that our members have won numerous awards in the recruitment industry and also in the wider business environment as they have a significant competitive advantage and are able to make informed strategic decisions with the confidence that they know what is happening in their marketplace - now!
Making informed decisions quicker than competitors adds significant value and demonstrates to all stakeholders in the business that management are optimising performance.